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Welcome to the Cherry Hill Mall PANDORA Jewelery Store

PANDORA of Cherry Hill, an authorized PANDORA retailer and jewelry store located within the Cherry Hill Mall in Camden County, NJ, has been a go-to source for PANDORA beads, charms, bracelets, earrings, and rings since it opened in 2009.

PANDORA’s mission is to offer women across the world a universe of high quality, hand-finished, modern and authentic jewelry products at affordable prices, thereby inspiring women to express their individuality. All women have their individual stories to tell – a personal collection of special moments that makes them who they are. That is why we celebrate these moments. That is why we say these moments are unforgettable.

Opened in 2009, the PANDORA jewelry store in the Cherry Hill Mall continues to provide exceptional styling services in all things PANDORA. From rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, and more, our store remains a destination of choice where individuality is celebrated and the shopping experience is always interactive and fun. By offering the best assortment of hand-crafted, genuine jewelry our PANDORA design experts allow every woman to express her unforgettable moments.

A Wide Variety of PANDORA Jewelry

At PANDORA of Cherry Hill, one of our many goals is to provide all women (and men) with the chance to obtain high-quality, modern, hand-finished, and authentic jewelry products they can afford, and that will also—most importantly, help them to express who they are. We know that all women have different stories to tell, interests, values, and special moments in their lives. With PANDORA, women can celebrate themselves and those unforgettable moments with a unique bracelet full of sparkling charms, sterling silver ring with dazzling cubic zirconia stones, or a necklace full of shimmering stones.

Give The Gift of PANDORA Charms for That Next Big Milestone

If you’re all out of ideas as to what you should give your wife or girlfriend for your next anniversary or her birthday, or even to your mom on Mother's Day, consider a PANDORA bracelet and a couple of charms. If she already owns a bracelet and has just a few charms dangling from her sterling silver or black braided leather bracelet, purchasing her a few charms is an excellent idea.

As you already know, one of the benefits of PANDORA jewelry is that it's more affordable when compared to other brands, and that it will allow women to express their personalities. However, there are other reasons why men all over the world have chosen to give that special lady in their lives PANDORA charms time and time again.

The Gift-Buying Process is Simple - All you have to do is hop online or visit a retailer (such as PANDORA of Cherry) closest to you and spend up to 30 minutes with one of their experts to choose the perfect bracelet and charms. Plus, if you have a certain theme in mind, or are gifting it to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or new baby, etc., there are plenty of gift sets available that contain the perfect set of charms.

They Are Easy to Carry and Hide - Is that special lady always on the lookout for your next gift? Some guys find that giving the charms (which often come in a tiny box or small pouch) are much easier to hide and carry around. For example, if you're giving her some charms for Valentine's Day, they will be much easier to transport and hide (if necessary) than a large bouquet of flowers or giant teddy bear.

You Just Can't Go Wrong with PANDORA Bracelets and Jewelry

Most of the time, it's hard for guys to purchase a new dress, bag, or another piece of jewelry for that special lady because they fear she will be dissatisfied. With PANDORA, there's a greater chance that she'll appreciate the charm(s) or bracelet and charm(s) you got because they remind you of her. Just remember to tell her why you purchased the charms you did!

Our store is just a short distance away from Haddonfield and Mount Laurel, NJ, and anyone who has any questions about our current inventory, specials, or needs directions can call us at 856-254-2902, or fill out a contact form on our site.

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