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  1. Tips to Help You Open A PANDORA Bracelet Clasp

    Your boyfriend gives you a PANDORA charm bracelet with a barrel clasp encrusted with sparkling stones and one dazzling sterling silver charm as a gift for your one-year anniversary. He places the bracelet around your wrist and gently snaps the clasp shut so you can see how beautiful it looks.   It looks AMAZING. After showing everyone your latest gift, wearing it to dinner, etc., you decide it's time to take off your new bracelet. You attempt to open the clasp with your fingernail, but you have no luck. Then your boyfriend tries, and he has no luck either.   Here at PANDORA Cherry Hill, thi…Read More

  2. Stackable Rings for Holiday Giving

    Urban Fusion in Cherry Hills Mall in Cherry Hill NJ is the area’s place to go for Pandora jewelry including earrings, necklaces, beads and stackable rings. We are going to look at a few of the stackable rings in today’s blog. Stackable rings make great gifts and since the holidays are on their way, you should start thinking about which stackable rings your lady friend (or yourself) would like. Stackable rings are fun to wear because they are narrow and fit together so well that it’s almost like making your own ring design. You decide what patterns to put next to each other. You customize…Read More

  3. The ESSENCE Bracelet Collection

    Urban Fusion in Cherry Hill Mall, in Cherry Hill NJ is the area’s source for Pandora jewelry. If you want to get a jump start on holiday shopping, stop in and view our selection of bracelets. Our Black Braided Double-Leather Charm Bracelet is a great start to a loved-one’s bracelet gift. It is available in three sizes and has a silver barrel clasp. But, it looks so bare! What it needs is some charms! Selecting just the right charm for someone doesn’t have to be tough. Here are some ideas. Send a Message The Essence collection is sure to please even the pickiest the charm collector. STREN…Read More

  4. The Perfect Gift For Dia de los Muertos!

    Urban Fusion in Cherry Hill Mall carries Pandora jewelry to fit every taste. Besides Pandora charms and beads for sale, we also carry other designers. Wind and Fire is one such designer. Lauded for their Art of Eco-Sustainable Jewelry, some of their charms appeal to the less conventional among us. One such charm is the Mayan Crystal Skull Charm Bangle, available in both gold and silver. This bracelet building charm shows a likeness of the (suspected) pre-Columbian- quartz skull on a design that is reminiscent of a Mayan calendar. A beautiful (yet spooky) reminder of the passage of time and to …Read More

  5. Pandora Disney Charms

    The Shopping season for holiday gifts is about to be upon us; get an early start and beat the crowds! Urban Fusion is your Pandora store in Cherry Hill Mall and can help you get some of your shopping list completed. If you don’t want to come into the mall, we also have online shopping so you can shop from the comfort of your own home.  We carry authentic Pandora charms. When you see our Pandora Disney charms, you’ll know why they are called charms! They are so charming, they will put you under the happy spell that Disney products have been casting on people around the world since the late…Read More

  6. More Tips for Buying Jewelry for Your Mom

    Moms aren't always easy to shop for, especially when it comes to jewelry! Many people find it difficult to find jewelry for their mom that she would actually enjoy, and that is why, in our last blog, we went over a couple of tips for buying jewelry for your mom. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, now is the time! Keep reading to learn more expert tips for buying jewelry for your mom: #3. Give her something with sentimental value.  Moms love gifts with sentimental value, so don't just settle for a generic, run-of-the-mill piece of jewelry. If you are looking for something that will hi…Read More

  7. Tips for Buying Jewelry for Your Mom

    There's no one more difficult to purchase jewelry for than your mom.  The most difficult part about buying jewelry for your mom is that she pretends to like everything you buy for her, and she probably even makes it a point to wear it when you are around, even if she doesn't like it! Your mom has done so much for you for your entire life, doesn't she deserve something she really likes? If you want to learn how to buy your mom jewelry that she will absolutely love, then you have come to the right place. The following is a list from our PANDORA jewelry store in New Jersey of tips for buying jew…Read More

  8. Your Guide to Spotting Fake PANDORA Charms Part 2

    No one wants to use fake charms for their PANDORA bracelet builder! PANDORA charm bracelets are incredibly popular, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, this has led to many counterfeit PANDORA charms being created. When you have worked hard to build the perfect PANDORA charm bracelet, you want to ensure that you only use authentic PANDORA charms. That is why, in our last blog, our experts went over a couple of things to look for that PANDORA puts on all of their charms. Keep reading to learn more! How to spot fake PANDORA charms: ALE - Every PANDORA charm contai…Read More

  9. Your Guide to Spotting Fake PANDORA Charms

    Authentic PANDORA charms are some of the most sought-after in the world! PANDORA has become very popular as of late, and because it is such an exciting new trend, we have started to notice counterfeit PANDORA charms popping up. One way to ensure that your PANDORA charms are always authentic is to make sure that you always shop with a reputable PANDORA retailer, like PANDORA Cherry Hill. If you do decide to shop elsewhere for your PANDORA charms, there are certain giveaways that make it easy to spot a fake PANDORA charm. Your guide to spotting fake PANDORA charms: PANDORA engraves all of their …Read More

  10. What Your Earrings Say About You Part 2

    We are proud to say that when you shop at our PANDORA jewelry store in the Cherry Hill mall, you will find a huge selection of earrings for you to choose from. Finding the right earrings for your look isn't always easy, but the experts at PANDORA are here to save the day! If you haven't already, check out our last blog to learn about what your pearl studs and hoop earrings say about you. We know that pearl studs and hoop earrings are just a couple of the many earring styles you can choose from, which is why we have come up with the following guide for what your earrings say about you. What yo…Read More