Your boyfriend gives you a PANDORA charm bracelet with a barrel clasp encrusted with sparkling stones and one dazzling sterling silver charm as a gift for your one-year anniversary. He places the bracelet around your wrist and gently snaps the clasp shut so you can see how beautiful it looks.


It looks AMAZING.
PANDORA Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Signature Clear CZ ClaspAfter showing everyone your latest gift, wearing it to dinner, etc., you decide it’s time to take off your new bracelet. You attempt to open the clasp with your fingernail, but you have no luck. Then your boyfriend tries, and he has no luck either.


Here at PANDORA Cherry Hill, this is one scenario we are sure you may have experienced, or are currently experiencing, with your PANDORA charm bracelet. If you didn’t know, one of the hallmarks of each charm bracelet is its “secret clasp” that aids in enhancing its beauty and also makes sure it stays secure around your wrist. However, these clasps can often be a nuisance to open because of just how strong they are.


If you’re having trouble opening your bracelet’s clasp, there are a couple of ways you can go about getting the task done.


The Fingernail Method


The traditional way to open a PANDORA bracelet clasp is with your fingernails. All you need to do is find the clasp’s opening and push your fingernail into it until it snaps open.


Unfortunately, this method can be an issue for some people (much like in the above scenario) because their nails are weak or break easily. Furthermore, if your nails are acrylic, they will be too thick to open the clasp.


The PANDORA Clasp Opener


If your nails break easily or are acrylic, you may find investing in a PANDORA clasp opener to be ideal. The way in which you use the tool to open the clasp is the same as the fingernail method, but instead of inserting your nail, you insert the opener.


If you do end up wanting to invest in a PANDORA clasp opener, you will be pleased to know that they are affordable and stylish. In fact, we offer the Daisy Clasp Opener that is not only practical but pretty, as well.
Daisy Clasp Opener, Pink CZ & Black LeatherIf none of these methods work, you can visit us here at PANDORA Cherry Hill. Our store is located in the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, and we have PANDORA design experts on staff who can help make opening your bracelet’s clasp easier.